What is Cathodic Protection?

Cathodic Protection is an answer to corrosion. It is based on simple electrical principles - however in order to understand what cathodic protection is and how it works we first have to briefly summarize corrosion. For a more detailed overview of corrosion click here.

The metals we use on a daily basis do not naturally appear in the form in which they are used. Instead, most metals are first mined as ores and are usually combined with other compounds such as oxygen. With continued exposure to electrolytes such as soil or water, any products made from ore will eventually revert back to their natural state. For example, steel will revert back to iron oxides if exposed to electrolytes - the evidence of this is rust.

So, back to the original question: What is cathodic protection? It is the process helps us maintain the added energy in refined metals and prevents the onset of corrosion.

Each unique metal has its own "potential" energy in the Galvanic Series of Metals. A cathodic protection system uses this basic energy principle to prevent corrosion.

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